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INCREASING vaccination rates by EDUCATING kids and parents about the BENEFITS of vaccinations


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Gulliver Innovative Learning (GIL) manages a suite of exciting games designed to get your children up and running while they learn. Using cutting edge technology, our kinesthetic approach to learning, i.e. through physical exercises such as running, jumping, and dancing, seamlessly integrates smart watches and other mobile technology into physical space to create an active and social learning environment.

We value the importance of daily practice when it comes to mastering basic skills, and we have designed our games to enforce the retention of knowledge while sustaining children’s interest in the subjects, whether it be science, math, reading, or writing. We aim to foster a feeling of self- confidence that will carry your children through the challenges they will face throughout their education. We do this by engaging them in a fun and memorable learning scenario that will stick with them well into their future.

The Gulliver Innovative Learning games include a wide range of topics that will prepare kids for their future studies. Examples of games include PlayFlu, PlayMath, and PlayChem. To find out more about these games and how the system works, please explore our site.

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Our System

Activity Management

Each classroom is equipped with an activity management server. The server instructs each student individually according to her performance and location.

Wearable Devices

Each wearable device communicates with the activity management server to receive personalized assignments, feedback. Engagement level and success are evaluated for assessment purposes

Instant Analysis

Continuous analysisis being presented via the classroom overhead projector. The projected information includes avatars of students and the activity state.

Big Data

Activity are shared via cloud repository system. Teachers may select activities at any time. Just select, download and run the activity with your students.

Our Products

Students are role-playing to better understand content in a fun and exciting way

The PlayFlu game is designed to teach kids and their families about the spread of influenza in the classroom, and how vaccinations are the foremost preventative measure to stop this phenomena in its tracks.

In this game, children are assigned a health status through their wearable device: susceptible, infected, and immune. The kids are prompted to run around and ‘infect’ the other players. This fun and engaging simulation shows how quickly the flu can spread among active young kids, and leaves families with a lasting impression of why vaccinations are necessary to protect their health.


In this game series, children seek to complete fundamental math questions. One such game asks kids to run around the classroom and use the four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Kids are given an instruction such as 3 + ? = 9, and asked to find the child who has the number 6. Other PlayMath activities include creating groups of like numbers, such as even and odds.

Daily practice is critical when it comes to mastering basic math skills. PlayMath is designed to help children build a sense of self-confidence in their ability to learn math and be prepared to take on the challenges of our STEM driven world.

In this series of fun chemistry activities, children are engaged in modeling different scientific phenomena by playing the role of atoms or molecules. Kids wear smart devices connected to the GIL system that actively send instructions to them while they play.

In a sample activity, kids will act as atoms and use their proximity to their friends to simulate the forming and/ or the breaking of bonds during specific chemical reactions. In another activity, kids will be assigned roles as molecules to simulate phase changes.


It is well known that young children have the highest capacity to learn new languages. In this stimulating game, kids run around and match foreign words with pictures or an English definition by finding their corresponding classmate, to instill an early comprehension of a new language and prepare them for future studies. This game can be adapted to teach virtually any language.


Trivia and association games are fun for all ages. Our GIL system integrates the excitement of running around with the quizzical challenge of brain- teasers. Games for children include simple matching such as pairing pictures of young and fully grown animals, and older ages can enjoy trivia relating to science topics including physics and astronomy. Kids play as active and moving puzzle pieces to solve the questions and have fun at the same time.


The aim of this game is to teach kids about the basics principles of food systems and population size in nature. Kids are assigned a role as predator or prey, such as fox or rabbit, and run around to simulate growth and decline in numbers. When there is a lot of food predators thrive, and when there is a lack of food their numbers decline. The goal is to excite kids about being actively engaged in simulating ecological phenomena.

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